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So you haven't tried SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is seen as a bit of a dark art, and can be daunting, which may explain why you haven’t used it so far. Let us demystify it and show you how ‘proper’ SEO can benefit your business.

Fact: not every website needs to be optimised for search engines. That’s because the purpose of some sites isn’t to attract new customers, but to help convert current potentials. Such sites do this by explaining what the business offers – and how it solves customers’ problems – convincingly. Just like a brochure.

Brochure sites

That’s why such websites are called ‘brochure sites’. No SEO is needed here, as people are given the URL and asked to check it out when they have time. However, the site must still be compelling because it’s one of the final steps in the conversion process.

Sites that attract new customers

This is where having a website – a good website – can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business. The key to success? It’s a set of well-optimised, skillfully-written web pages that reach out and attract a set of customers who’ve never heard about you and convince them to buy from or contact you.

How about a FREE introduction to SEO?

We realise it can be tricky to get started, especially when you haven't seen the benefits of SEO first-hand. That's why we offer a FREE report for your website, with recommendations for improvement.

Want new customers but not getting traffic?

This is a common complaint, voiced by most website owners. The problem here? While these sites look great, unless they speak the right language (the one Google understands) they simply won’t get listed in the Google results when someone types in a relevant phrase.

No listings: No traffic

Without website traffic it’ll be impossible to make new sales. You must fix this problem.
The good news is that it’s possible to get the required listings. You just have to know what to do and be willing to invest the time and money needed to achieve these aims (this can vary greatly depending on your marketplace).

No gobbledygook, smoke and mirrors

The even better news is that we’ll go through the process with you. Of course, we’ll explain what needs to be done (and why) in a way that you’ll be able to understand.

Still not convinced?

We've achieved great SEO successes in the past, such as this increase in traffic and sales. Read our case studies for more examples of the benefits your business could enjoy.

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Our reports are carried out by humans, not automated tools, thus providing proper, detailed results and not a lot of meaningless ‘mumbo jumbo.’

Graham was kindly offering his services on website rankings in Google, free of charge. I expected him to come back with the usual nondescript one-page report. I was totally surprised when he came back with a full report showing clearly where my website was lacking. Graham went through the 10-page report and explained exactly what I should do so I could improve my ranking. If he did this for free, I can only imagine the results he gets for his paying clients. 

Carol McIntyre


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