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One of the effects that the internet, the improvement in telecommunications and even COVID-19 have had is to make it far easier for people to work from home and not have to commute to work. This same change also means that companies like Serendipity Online Marketing can provide services to just about anywhere on the planet. However, we don’t have those sorts of ambitions and just providing specialist SEO services to the UK is quite enough for us.

Local SEO Service Suppliers

There is then the matter of customers wanting to deal with local firms. There is a lot say for this approach, as it does enable both parties to meet and discuss matters in person, this being to the liking of many. With this in mind, Serendipity tend to concentrate on assisting companies (who want better rankings on Google) whose base of operations is in the West Midlands, or those places which are adjacent.

This means that we can supply local support to the counties of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire as well as Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Local SEO

Need to be found by potential customers in your area? This is just what Local SEO is all about. Let us boost your local presence and give you access to your local market place.


Google’s Adwords is a really good method of obtaining near instantaneous traffic to your website. But your campaigns need to be set up carefully and constantly monitored.


Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer a wealth of information. The issue is that the data is very complex and hard to understand. Let us decipher yours and extract all the critical information you need to make your website successful.


Everyone wants a first page rank on Google. The words on your pages count for only about 50% of the ‘marks’ you need. Another major way to influence Google is by having lots of links to your site. But it has to be done the right way.

SEO Content Optimisation

Google’s stated aim is to provide the very best content for any given search term. If you want your site to be selected for a top rank, you must give Google what it needs. And that means using the right words in the right places.

Keyword & Competitor Research

The keywords used by potential customers when searching on Google, form the basis of any SEO project. When you combine this with data on how your competitors are driving traffic to their sites, you have the perfect foundations for a successful campaign.

Search Engine Marketing, Marketing and SEO

The two areas of SEO and Marketing are different but there are overlaps (especially in terminology) and we at Serendipity believe we can help companies in this (Marketing) area too. The American Marketing Association most recently defined Marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

If we concentrate on the processes and communication side of things, we can see that the way a business website is used and how the flow of communication is managed are both areas that are very much in the sphere of Online Marketing and thus one that Serendipity can assist with.

Examples of this is the use of a company blog to communicate with customers and the flow of communication through Facebook and Twitter (not to mention comments on the blog).

Besides being able to supply that ‘local touch’ to customers in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham and the West Midlands we also offer a very personal service. We are able to do this as we only work with a limited number of companies and thus to Serendipity, our customers are never ‘just a number’, instead they are always cherished and treated with the proper respect and care.

Initial free SEO Survey

All of our business relationships start with a free in depth SEO survey of the customers website and that of the competition. This enables us both to understand where the site is in its ‘journey’ for improved rankings and also just how tough the market place is.


Search Engine Optimisation is no longer about ‘tricking’ Google into giving a site (unwarranted) top rankings, Whilst it used to be true that placing words on certain places in a page enough times would be enough, now with the advances in Google’s rule sets (algorithms) this is simply not enough, and indeed may have detrimental effects if the SEO envelope is pushed too much.

This is not to say that On Page SEO is no longer important, just that it has changed a lot and is no longer about keyword stuffing, instead it being necessary to ensure that a site uses all the words that Google ‘expects to see’ and that these are placed in the right places on the site’s pages. This process uses reverse engineering as a part of its methodology, the data being invaluable to the copywriters involved with creating the sites content.


One area that is close to the heart of many customers is that of reports. They want to know what has been done and more importantly what has been achieved. Here again Serendipty score highly as we produce detailed reports on the works carried out in that month, together with data from WebMasterTools (now Google Search Console) as well as Google analytics as well as systems that monitor both ranks and the number of links.

So, if you are operating a business or company in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Birmingham or indeed anywhere in the West Midlands do contact us for a chat, I am sure that we can assist you in your drive for better rankings and sales via the Internet.

Off Page SEO

This is all about links and contrary to many comments is still a vital part of any Search Engine Optimisation programme. However, again, this area has been subject to change and is one that requires careful planning and operation. Do things the wrong way and it is very likely that Google will not award better rankings, but instead either down grade the site or worse still blacklist it so that it loses all its ranks.

Social Media

There is some disagreement about just how much mentions in social media actually affect rankings, Google for instance not being able to crawl all of Facebook because of people’s privacy settings (and would probably prefer not to anyway). Google Plus is thought to have some influence, but overall the jury is still out here. Our view is that it is good to ensure that a companies brand / URL is seen to be mentioned in Social Media as not only will this make Google think that people are ‘taking about’ a site, such posts also appear in sites like

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I've just spent the afternoon being blown away by Graham's SEO knowledge and insight! Not only is he a lovely guy, he seriously knows his stuff. He has given me a really comprehensive report about what's working and what's not on my website. If you are looking to generate more business from your website, I seriously recommend that you sit down and have a chat with Graham.

Jo Richings

Business Coach

Graham's experience in SEO and his ability to rank websites on search engines is second to none. He is clearly very knowledgable in the area and very good at what he does. I very much enjoyed listening to him go over how I can improve my website SEO and he was excellent in explaining it in an easy to understand manner. I would certainly recommend Graham to other businesses. 👍

Tom Veal

Website Design & Marketing

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