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Keyword & Competitor Research

Keyword & Competitor Research

The most vital stage of any online marketing campaign, whether for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) is research.

This is best done before a site is built (as this allows the pages to be constructed around the phrases known to be of interest to potential customers – the site thus ends up speaking their language) the keyword research that SOM provides is second to none.

If the site has already been built then the research is still very much valid as it allows for more effective Adwords campaigns to be constructed and for special “spider friendly” resource pages to be added to any existing site, as well as for the tuning for any current pages.

You see, getting those potential customers to your website is only half the battle, as you then have to get them to do what you want them to do, be it to buy something, or more often than not, start a conversation with you. This can take some doing, the breaking down of the “anonymity barrier” that the Internet offers, requiring some degree of commitment on behalf of the would be customer.

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We can help you gather and interpret data from your website you can use to make critical improvement decisions.

Garry Thomas Architect

I was delighted to engage Serendipty to review the online presence of my business. Graham’s detailed review of Thomas Studio from the perspective of marketing on Google, convinced me that he could assist in improving the number and quality of visitors. Over the last three months, he has provided a professional service and I am impressed how the website is now being found for many keyword phrases for which previously had no presence on Google at all. The advice on the ways the website design itself, could be altered, to increase the likelihood of an enquiry were very helpful, and I have already implemented those changes.

Garry Thomas


Over 85% of people looking for something on the Internet turn to the Search Engines for help.

They start by typing in the words that they think are the “key” to finding the information that they want.

So it stands to reason that if you can find out what people are actually typing in for items related to your products or services, you can start to plan to capture them.

That is the reason for “Key-word” Research.

Competition Research

When you are trying to beat the competition it makes sense if you understand exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. This information is especially vital in the battle for links, as once you have a list of the links your competition has, you can use this very same data to improve your own linking structure.

SOM’s Competition report provides details of:

  • The competitions’ external and internal linking structures
  • The competitions’ use of SEO on page techniques
  • Weaknesses that can be exploited
  • The keywords that bring them traffic


Reverse engineering

In essence the competitors sites are dissected, thus providing you with the information needed by which to beat it in the Search Engine Marketing arena, it’s ‘Reverse Engineering’ – Internet Style!

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