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Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is all about ‘tuning’ of a websites pages and presence so that it can target searches made in particular locations.

What is local SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is considered to be about achieving the best possible ranking placement on the Search Engines, (Google is the favourite in the UK) for a page on a website for a specific set of search terms. This is all very good and you can really boost the amount of enquiries / sales a business gets by doing this right.

But there is a problem in that in many cases the competition for some keywords, at a National level, is just too fierce for a small business. It simply does not have the ability (or funds) to fight it’s way to the top of the tree against the big UK wide competition. What is needed is the ability to rank highly when people in their geographical area search for a product or service that they provide, even when using a search phrase that does not include a geographic word (e.g. ‘Hereford’).

An example of the Google ‘3 Pack’ listing for Caple Security

Also, there are some keyword search terms that are all about local services or products, and so businesses want to be ranked for them too.

As you can see in our Blog post about Local SEO, this area of the Search Market place is VITAL for just about any business, even those that have a good national presence on the Engines (because a great National presence may not equate to a good Local one).

It is also worthwhile reading our case study from a Hereford company that has really benefited from our Local SEO services, so please do take a look.


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Since we had Serendipity carry out our SEO activities we have had a fantastic response, so good that at the moment we now have to turn work away. It certainly has been money well spent.


Caple Security

Serendipity Online Marketing’s Local SEO Service

The blog gives you all the information you need to understand “Why Local SEO Matters“, this page just details what we do.

Website Optimisation:

It is not always necessary to have a website in order to get a place in the Google My Business ‘3 Pack’, but it is best practice. And when you have one, it should be Optimised, but in this instance, with special attention being given to the ‘local’ aspects, (for instance including all the local post codes that you can supply too). So, the first thing we do is to make sure your website is as good as it can be in this department.

Google My Business:

Then we make sure that the Google My Business listing has been claimed and is correctly set up, adding photos and other data to ensure that Google ‘likes what it sees’

Inbound Linking:

Normal inbound links are one great way of ‘influencing’ Google opinion about a site (see our recent blog on Linking), so the next job we carry out is to improve the linking to the site, using both National and Local link sources (to just use one and not the other would not be ‘natural’ and can cause problems with the Google algorithm).


This is the most critical area when it comes to gaining access to the 3 Pack, but it is also one that has to be done very, very carefully, as if a business uses different variations of its Name, Address and Phone Number, it will only confuse Google and that can mean all the difference between getting a listing in that very valuable ‘3 Pack Map’.

We therefore:

all the Citations – mostly being in the various local directory sites like Yell, a Business has.
the ones that are not using the correct Name Address and Phone Number combination
the level of Citations by adding the site to other local directories, using the right Name Address and Phone Number combination

Monthly reports

Throughout the entire process, we provide detailed monthly reports on the works done and the advances achieved. If you are interested in understanding more about what we can do to Improve the amount of Business your business gets, them please do contact us.

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