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The process of obtaining the traffic to your site starts with Keyword and Competitor research.

Only when you know what keywords your customers are using can you concentrate on the ‘tuning’ of your site.

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How to 'tune' your website

This tuning is vital as over 85% of people looking for something on the Internet turn to the Search Engines for help. This means if you don’t have good positions on Google, you will be missing out on a huge amount of custom.

That is the reason why “Key-word” Research is so very important.

Tuning comes in many forms

The most obvious is the optimisation of the content, the words on the pages. This is more complex than you might think, as you can’t just keep on repeating the keywords you want to be ranked for.

Instead you have to make sure that the content looks like it was written by an expert. This entails using a whole range of related words, whilst ensuring that the text reads well. The latter is important as you always have to remember that you are writing for a human, your potential customer.

Then you can start answering the questions that people are asking every day. They and Google will love you for it and that could lead to a lot of business one way or another.

The use of videos, particularly if they are hosted on YouTube and embedded on the pages, will help too.

Images are of course important, as effectively used they will help Google ‘like’ your site whilst also making the pages easier to read by breaking up the text on your pages. This helps as it improves the ‘User Experience’, this being an important as this is another thing that Google takes into account when deciding who gets the best ranks.

Links, both internal and external are a vital component too.

External links are necessary as Google requires these, using them as a sort of proof that the site is ‘worth ranking’.

Internal links on the other hand are used by Google to ‘understand’ what the pages of a site are all about and therefore should always be employed. As with external links, this needs to be done carefully, just like everything else in the world of SEO.

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Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Need to be found by potential customers in your area? This is just what Local SEO is all about. Let us boost your local presence and give you access to your local market place.


Google’s Adwords is a really good method of obtaining near instantaneous traffic to your website. But your campaigns need to be set up carefully and constantly monitored.


Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer a wealth of information. The issue is that the data is very complex and hard to understand. Let us decipher yours and extract all the critical information you need to make your website successful.


Everyone wants a first page rank on Google. The words on your pages count for only about 50% of the ‘marks’ you need. Another major way to influence Google is by having lots of links to your site. But it has to be done the right way.

SEO Content Optimisation

Google’s stated aim is to provide the very best content for any given search term. If you want your site to be selected for a top rank, you must give Google what it needs. And that means using the right words in the right places.

Keyword & Competitor Research

The keywords used by potential customers when searching on Google, form the basis of any SEO project. When you combine this with data on how your competitors are driving traffic to their sites, you have the perfect foundations for a successful campaign.

Graham worked on a variety of SEO strategies for us @Fastsms including link building. We found him to be consistent in his approach and provider timely reports of the work completed. Graham is also a great networker and brings more to the relationship than just the services agreed.

Sandy Burt

Business Phone Systems Specialist

At IFA Web Pro we were very careful when choosing a SEO expert, as it was such unchartered territory, with results not being instant nor tangible. I would certainly recommend SOM, we continue to achieve some really positive results due to his help and advice. I always find Graham very helpful and generous with his time, he's a really nice chap too. Denise Carr, IFA Web Pro.

Denise Carr

Director, IFA Web Pro

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